Prirobnice - Kompenzatorji

We supply flanges made of stainless steel 1.4571, galvanised steel or black steel acc. to DIN or EN from stock. The flanges with PN 16 are far and above the most frequent models. Often instead of a PN 10 or PN 40 flange (of course only with a pressure <= 16 bar) also a PN 16 flange can be used.<= 16 bar) auch einen Flansch PN 16 einsetzentrong>. Here mostly only the number of boreholes deviate. Flanges acc. to EN are different only slightly from the flanges acc. to DIN and are also easier to replace with more available DIN flanges. Compensators are used to offset linear elongations (axial movements) or side shifts (lateral movements) of pipelines. We supply the compensators with elastomer bellows or stainless steel bellows.